My Sticky Little Secret

From inception to industry chic, we sculpted 'My Sticky Little Secret' into a beauty brand with a stunning visual and digital presence.


Our team was instrumental in launching “My Sticky Little Secret,” a luxury hair product brand for wig wearers, starting from the ground up. We crafted the brand’s identity, including the original logo and branding guidelines, and developed a custom Shopify site enriched with integrations like Hotjar, Klaviyo, and Loox, enhancing user experience and functionality. Our creative input extended to producing high-quality 3D rendered photography and engaging product packaging, establishing a compelling visual identity.

In the realm of digital marketing, we managed effective email campaigns and social media strategies, contributing significantly to the brand’s reach and appeal. The establishment of an extensive affiliate portal further expanded the brand’s influence. These efforts culminated in a remarkable achievement: 6 figures in sales within the first 3 months, showcasing our team’s capability to blend innovative design with strategic marketing in the beauty industry.